Our uniqueness

SHIRAN ABERGEL boutique, a leading couture fashion house in Israel that has been operating for over 22 years, the studio has 35 seamstresses and another 10 seamstresses who perform sewing and designing by hand. Our boutique produces a unique collection thinking about the little ones, using luxurious fabrics and meticulous sewing techniques.
What sets us apart is the technique and the ability to precisely adjust to the body measurements and style of the wearer.
We are happy to be part of your unforgettable moment and make it especially amazing.

Shiran Abergel, 37 years old, is a designer working in the world of fashion and bridal for over 22 years. His ability to integrate into diverse styles make him a successful designer in the field. Sheeran designs in a classic but daring, elegant and sexy style combining uniqueness and authentic expression.

Shiran Abergel’s fashion boutique for designing wedding dresses – one of the leading fashion houses in the field of couture in Israel. The boutique team is professional and has many years of experience, operates at the highest level of meticulous sewing techniques that gives the clothes the highest quality standard.


Focusing on creating new and unique wedding and evening dresses, we use high-quality technology and fabrics that allow us to precisely fit the clothes to the customer’s size requirements without even seeing her.



Shiran Abergel dresses women who represent courage and strength, who value themselves and their place in the world. He manages to adapt the models he creates to the unique personality of each client, from women with striking strength to delicate and soft women. His rich knowledge and wide experience allow Shiran to understand the woman's body and delve into all the possibilities of fabrics, cuts and sizes. Thus, he provides unique and customized solutions that express the individual soul of each woman. The precise and professional coordination make every woman feel comfortable and excel in a glamorous and impressive appearance. Throughout his career, Sheeran has been involved in various designs that combine classic and contemporary lines. He conducts himself between different people and worlds, combines wide cultures, and succeeds in bringing true sharpness and beauty to his works.

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